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Khatam is one of the graceful Iranian handicrafts that is utilized to coat boxes, cases and frames. As an acclaimed expert in Persian archeology has put it a sample of Khātam is: “a pair of doorposts belonging to the year 1591, with background of walnut, tiled with bones and various pieces of wood, and is called ‘Khātambandī’.” The origin of the name may come from the fact that in one centimeter of ‘Khātam’ more than 200 pieces of wood, metal and bone are employed-something that demands a great deal of dexterity, precision and patience. Tiny triangles of wood, metal (gold, silver, copper and brass), bones (camel’s and ivory), glue and tools such as thin saws and files are among the typical items utilized in making of ‘Khātam’.

Khatam Kari